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strawberry, vanilla, chocolate ice cream with waffle cone on marble stone backgrounds

The most enjoyable dessert of the summer has been ice cream for a long time and if you’re driving through Huntsville looking for the perfect place to satisfy your craving for a scoop of double fudge, cookies-n-cream, or classic vanilla ice cream, you should give Handel’s Ice Cream a try.

What’s On The Menu at Handel’s Ice Cream

Nothing beats finding a cool place in the shade to enjoy a waffle cone filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream. At Handel’s Ice Cream you can enjoy the cold and creamy dessert in several different ways. The staff at Handel’s Ice Cream can help you choose between enjoying a waffle cone, a milkshake, a hurricane,  a sundae, or a full pint of ice cream. Once you’ve selected your dessert you can use the picnic tables around Handel’s Ice Cream to sit and enjoy your dessert.

Handel’s Ice Cream And Their Many Flavors

There are probably more than a few perks to working behind the counter at an ice cream shop, but at Handel’s Ice Cream, there is only one we think matters —  being able to test new ice cream flavors as soon as they’re available. Currently, there are over 90 unique flavors to try at Handel’s Ice Cream. From Black Cherry to Peppermint bark, each flavor is its own experience that you will come back to try again and again. Take a look at all of the ice cream shop’s available flavors before you head to their nearest location.

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Why Try Handel’s Ice Cream?

The obvious reason to give Handel’s Ice Cream a try is that the shop simply makes good ice cream. However, the ice cream shop has also made a big impression on the world. They were voted the number one ice cream on the planet by National Geographic and chosen as one of the Top 500 Restaurants in America by Nation’s Restaurant News. So if you’re looking for a place to spend a late summer afternoon, stop by the Handel’s Ice Cream location on Highway 72 and give the acclaimed ice cream shop a try.

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