Gadgets You Need Around Your Home If You Have A Furry Friend

August 15th, 2022 by

Woman petting her cat and dog

While you adore your furry friend, there are probably a few things about them that aren’t so pleasant, like scooping poop from a litterbox, or pet dander accumulating on your sofa. For those things, modern technology has stepped in to help. Take a look at this list of cool gadgets that will make life with your four-legged friend a little easier.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

Do you have multiple pets with different rules about outdoor time? Or, maybe you want to give your cat a safe space away from your dogs. The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor can help with both of those scenarios. The smart door is linked to a SmartKey collar placed on the pet or pets that are allowed to go through it. When the SmartKey is in range the door will unlock. Once it is out of range the door will lock again, so you’ll be able to limit access to certain areas without actively monitoring the door.

Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System

If you’ve adopted a new puppy, one of the first big hurdles is potty training. Potty training a puppy can be a challenge but the Train ‘n Praise system makes it a whole lot easier. The system uses absorbent training pads that are integrated with a treat dispenser. The system awards your dog with a treat whenever it detects moisture on the pad. The positive reinforcement will help you teach your pup to use the pad instead of your carpet.

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Have the funny cat videos on YouTube inspired you to get a cat, or have you been a cat person all of your life? Either way, we’ll bet that scooping poop isn’t your favorite part of being a cat owner. Well, with the Liter-Robot you don’t have to. The self-cleaning litter box detects when your cat enters and exits the litter box. Once the cat is safely outside of the box it allows time for the litter to clump and then starts a clean cycle. During the clean cycle, the robot sifts and separates the waste before dropping it into a carbon-filtered drawer below the box. With the Liter-Robot you will only have to clean the drawer once a week rather than scooping a manual litter box twice a day.

If you have pets, give one or all of these gadgets a try to find out if they will make your life as a pet parent easier.

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